Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening

We are fortunate in being able to provide two revolutionary treatments which greatly help to take the embarrassment and discomfort away from traditional Orthodontic treatments. Both products involve systems which are virtually invisible and discomfort free. They are particularly good at straightening front teeth and are very well tolerated by adults. They also help us to provide a lesser degree of straightening which can then be perfected by simple veneers making the veneer process much less damaging to your teeth.

Inman Aligners

The Inman aligner is a quick way of straightening front teeth. An excellent alternative to those patients who do not want fixed appliances. They are made up of wire and clear plastic and work by a system of springs which push and pull teeth into position very quickly and efficiently. The time involved from start to finish is around 12 weeks. For further information check out www.inmanaligner.com or contact us on 01292 842 724.

Clear Aligners

This system uses a series of plastic mouth shields which slowly but surely move your teeth to a better position. The time involved to straighten teeth with Clear Aligners is around 6 months.

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