Smile Gallery

We love a success story with over 98% customer satisfaction. Here’s some of our favourites.



This patient had missing lateral incisors from birth and poorly shaped front teeth. We placed a ceramic bridge of 6 teeth to transform his appearance in just 2 visits.

This patient came to us with very poor oral hygiene and many dental problems and a great fear of dentists. Over a six month period we used hygiene therapy and crowns and dental implants to give a new smile and good chewing teeth. We carried this out with intravenous sedation which let the patient just sail through the treatments. He was really pleased with the end result.

This pleasant lady approached us with spreading teeth and a disfigured smile. She did not want extractions or any implant surgery so we managed to use new zirconia technology to make her a 14 tooth upper splint bridge and also some hygienist treatments. All completed in 5 visits over 2 months.

This patient had tatty heavily filled teeth which she hated. This case completed in 2 months in 4 visits with smile design crowns and hygiene therapy. She hasn’t stopped smiling since.

A patient who had considerable gum recession which exposed a third of her roots but still healthy gums just poor appearance and misalignment. We used 12 veneers over just 2 visits to re-create a lovely look and also protect the roots form further abrasion.

Patient hated her partial upper denture and the retroclined pinched look of her smile. We restored this case with upper crowns and bridges and hygienist. All completed in 2 months and just 4 visits.

Lovely lady with a gummy smile and poor misshapen crowns. She also had loose teeth on the lower. We decided to extract the teeth and place dental implants with a gum lift procedure to reduce her gummy smile. This case took 6 months to complete and an excellent look was achieved with all fixed teeth on dental implants.